A labour book is the main document about an employee’s work activity. Therefore, it is very important that the company properly organizes work with labour books — from the purchase of blank forms to the issuance of a document to a retired employee.

A working citizen who has concluded an employment contract has legally guaranteed rights provided for by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and the Constitution. One of the main guarantees of the state for an officially employed person is the right to rest.

All changes in the labour legislation on remote work, which came into force in 2021, are reflected in the Federal Law dd 08.12.2020 No. 407-FZ.

Foreign nationals can’t be employed in Russia unless they obtain special permission. That relates to a separate category named highly-skilled workers too. However, getting an employment permit for highly-skilled workers is somewhat different from the standard procedure.

From 2015, the terms of employment of foreigners in Russia have changed. Amendments have been made in the Federal law № 115-FL from 2002. The purpose of the innovations was to strengthen control, reduction the number of illegal workers, improving working conditions for law-abiding citizens. What are the labor rights of foreigners in Russia?

There are more and more situations in Russia when you need to employ foreign citizens. Today we will answer the question «HOW?»

If your business is growing successfully, you will need to start hiring more and more employees sooner or later. Today, we will tell you how to hire an employee correctly.