In 2021, the Tax Code has five types of personal income tax rates — 9, 13, 15, 30, 35%. The PIT rate depends on the type of income and whether the payer is a tax resident or not.

The limit value of personal income for purpose of calculation obligatory insurance contributions for 2022 is revised.

Table with details of obligatory insurance contributions paid by employers in Russia in 2021 with updated limit value 

Since 2019, direct payments have been tested in different regions of Russia. This practice will be extended to the entire country starting with 2022.
But what are they? Let's figure it out together.

The employer must pay wages to employees on time. At the same time, he has additional responsibilities related to the calculation and payment of personal income tax, as well as insurance contributions.

Wage is a kind of payout or monetary reward for a job subject to a worker’s level of proficiency as well as the activity’s complexity, amount, quality and conditions. As such, it’s a kind of reward agreed by both parties and systemically paid to a hired person for performing certain contractual duties.

Table with details about obligatory insurance contributions tariffs paid by employers in Russia in 2017