The countries that were former Soviet republics maintained political and trade ties with each other. In the early 1990s, the CIS was formed to strengthen the partnership between them. During all these years, some old agreements were transformed, and new ones were concluded.

Since late February 2022 the US, the EU, and their allies have been imposing multiple rounds of economic sanctions and restrictions on the Russian Federation. The number of sanctions imposed is significant, with Russia becoming the most sanctioned country in the world by March 7 2022. The Russian response has been nothing but symmetrical.

The first time the concept of «unreasonable tax benefit» and «proper prudence» in selecting contractors were introduced by the Resolution of the Plenum of the Russian Federation’s Supreme Arbitration Court No53 dated 12.10.2006. In the same Resolution, the criteria of dishonesty were outlined.

Any country’s economy has its own peculiarities which determine its features, structure, progress trend and global economy ranking.

Russia aims to be open to foreign investment. It seeks to create favorable conditions for foreign business, including clear and convenient conditions for starting and running a business. Any investor who has decided to work on the territory of the Russian Federation has to make a decision, which of the four existing alternatives is appropriate:

Most people believe that it’s impossible to create a profitable business in today’s Russia due to many reasons, namely financial crisis and lack of law flexibility regarding the private sector. However, if you take a careful look at different kinds of business it’s easy to discover a broad selection of promising business niches that have been growing increasingly more popular.

If you read this article, you almost certainly know about business in Russia firsthand. But how do foreigners look at business in Russia? And what information can one provide them with about business in Russia?

The main reasons are the international sanctions, the growth of crisis trends, and the aggravation of the geopolitical situation in the world. Currently, it is crucial to attract capital from abroad, and it requires particular attention.