Bookkeeping Services for Foreign Organizations

Outsourcing Solutions has multiple years of experience in providing registration and bookkeeping services to foreign organizations (representative offices, branches and limited liability companies) operating in Russia. Our regular customers are companies from the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, France, China, Panama and other countries.

Our company’s accountants and managers are proficient in English and can answer, within their competencies, any questions that employees of a parent company may have.

On a monthly basis, «Outsourcing Solutions» provides foreign companies with comprehensive bookkeeping services including:

  • Bookkeeping and tax accounting in compliance with Russian standards;
  • Using online-banking apps (preparation of payment orders, currency buy/sell orders etc.);
  • Payroll services;
  • Managing accountable persons, preparation of cash advance reports;
  • Preparation of reports according to Russian standards and sending them to government authorities;
  • Contacts with tax authorities;
  • Preparation of reports in English for a parent company in compliance with the parent company/IFRS standards;
  • HR records;
  • Tax consulting;
  • Labor law consulting.

Foreign organizations with an in-house accountant can take advantage of payroll and HR record management services.

To find out rates of comprehensive accounting services for representative offices and branches of foreign companies (involved or not involved in commercial activities) as well as for limited liability companies with foreign founders, please post a request for consultation.

Along with bookkeeping services, you can also take advantage of our legal services:

  • Establishment and closing of foreign companies;
  • Bank account opening/closing;
  • Obtaining of work permits for foreign citizens.

Advantages of «Outsourcing Solutions» comprehensive bookkeeping support for foreign organizations:

Uninterrupted record keeping

You do not need to spend your time to hire an accountant who speaks English and has a background of working in a foreign organization. Typically, these employees claim a higher salary and tend to change their job more often. Our company’s experts speak business English and can communicate freely with your employees. If our accountant falls ill, goes on vacation or takes a maternity leave, we will provide an equivalent substitution immediately.

Cost effectiveness

By executing a contract with Outsourcing Solutions, you can save up to 70% of your budget allocated to accounting services. The average salary (excluding payroll taxes, which are approx. 30% of the income) of a chief accountant in Moscow varies between 60 and 80 thousand rubles per month.

Quality control of services rendered

You do not need to spend your time to delve into the specifics of Russian tax and labor legislation. By entrusting «Outsourcing Solutions» with keeping your records, you may rest assured that our experts will fulfill all their obligations professionally and in time, that there is a proven system in place to control accountant performance, and, subsequently, there will be no claims from tax and other regulatory bodies.

Notification of latest legislation changes

You will be informed of any significant changes in the legislation related to bookkeeping, tax accounting and labor law as early as at a bill stage so that you can plan further development of your business in Russia.