Migration services in Russia

Russian employers increasingly attract foreigners for work, and these are both experienced professionals and ordinary employees, who are ready to try their hands abroad. Migration in Russia today is under strict control, and an official job required documents. The independent development of the package is difficult. The help of professionals who will be engaged in obtaining visas, permits, conclusion of the contract is necessary. We will help you to solve all the problems. Contact us and you will get effective help!

With our help, you will have:

  • Justification and support to obtain a work permit and to issue working visa for Highly Qualified Specialist (HQS) and for ordinary employees.
  • Accreditation of your company in the Russian Interior Ministry, if you plan to do business.
  • Invitation to obtain a visa.
  • Certificate of proficiency in the Russian language at a basic level.
  • Medical insurance to make the work permit.
  • Quarterly report on payment of salaries to HQS.

During the year we get more than 50 work permits for foreign Highly Qualified Specialists!

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Who can be considered as HQS?

When executing documents we are often asked, who can be brought under such a category? Under the law, a foreigner is considered a Highly Qualified Specialist, who has a unique experience, achievements in the business field and receives a monthly payment of no less than 167,000 rubles. Options are possible in some cases, and for those who take part in the "Skolkovo" project, payment amounts are not specified at all.
As Highly Qualified Specialist are valued in the labor market much higher, they can be arranged to work much faster than regular employees, it will take no more than 2 weeks.

Insurance contributions from remunerations of HQS are not paid. Exception is the insurance against production injuries and occupational diseases.

Tax on income from highly skilled professionals is 13% regardless the tax resident status of foreign employee (number of days spent in Russia).

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Ranking of companies by HR records management in Russia 2021
Ranking of companies by payroll in Russia 2021
Ranking of outsourcing service providers in Russia 2021
Ranking of the largest consulting companies in Russia 2021


Ranking of companies by HR records management in Russia 2021
Ranking of companies by payroll in Russia 2021
Ranking of outsourcing service providers in Russia 2021
Ranking of the largest consulting companies in Russia 2021
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