Services for Drafting and Submitting Individual Tax Returns

The 3-NDFL tax returnis a reporting form for individuals. Drafting and submitting this tax return is mandatory for self-employed citizens, as well as those receiving income from sources other than an employer. Foreigners should provide an annual tax return if they receive additional income from their headquarters or other companies besides the local employer, and have stayed for more than 183 days in Russia.

An individual may apply for a tax deduction by providing form 3-NDFL to the tax authority where they are registered.

Our team will assist in drafting and submitting tax returnson any type of income for individuals, both Russian and foreign, and self-employed entrepreneurs.

During the period prior to April 30, the Federal Tax Service accepts declarations from individuals on income received during the previous tax year.

Tax payers wishing to obtain property and personal deductions should voluntarily submit a declaration with supporting documentation.

Prices list

For foreign employees residing in the Russian Federation for more than 183 days who received income from abroad during the reporting year 7000 RUB In EURO In USD In RUB
For property tax deduction (in connection with the acquisition or sale of real estate) 5000 RUB In EURO In USD In RUB
For social tax deductions (deductions for education, medical treatment,etc.) 2500 RUB In EURO In USD In RUB
For other purposes (car sales, etc.) 3000 RUB In EURO In USD In RUB

We will help get your refund or report revenues in time
We offer advice from the leading experts on completing 3-NDFLtax returns, or can completely draft and deliver returns to the tax authorities.

For more than 10 years we have compiled all kinds of tax returns. We are aware of all the requirements and submit reports without any problems or risks.

We guarantee mistake-free returns!

We will draw up a declaration in 1 day!

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