Bank Account Administration

Outsourcing Solutions can administer your company’s bank accounts. Just provide access to our experts and you will never have to deal with routine bank administration work. Modern techniques enable this by connecting to third-party internet banking users with limited rights


Prices list

drafting currency control documents for the bank 50 RUB In EURO In USD In RUB
drafting wire transfer documents (payment orders) 90 RUB In EURO In USD In RUB

Bank account administration services include:

  • drafting payment orders
  • downloading bank account statements to the accounting system;
  • drafting currency control documents, including deal passports;
  • drafting wire transfer documents;
  • drafting application forms, beneficiary information and other documents requested by the bank;
  • drafting loan or credit applications;
  • other banking transactions.

Professional, mistake-free bank account maintenance!

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