HR documentation audit in Russia

HR affairs are conducted at companies of all types of ownership and organizational structures. Even if the company employs just a few people, all HR documents should be prepared in accordance with Russian law and regulations.

To ensure your company’s HR-documentation complies with Russia law, we offer to conduct an HR-documentation audit.

Correct and timely HR-documentation will help avoid trouble in the event of a dispute with current or terminated employees.

If there are concerns that your HR documentsare not in perfect order, you should conduct an audit of your personnel documentation.
Outsourcing Solutions provides professional HR-documentation audit services in Moscow, Tver, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities.

Outsourcing Solutions personnel have extensive experience with HR-documentation audits. Our experts will conduct a partial or full personnel documentation audit:

  • develop an HR-documentation checklist;
  • conduct a reconciliation;
  • analyze the completeness and accuracy of information;
  • assess document compliance with current laws and local regulations;
  • provide information on risks due to labor regulation violations;
  • develop an action plan to restore missing HR documentation.

Prices list

The cost of HR-documentation audit 8000 RUB In EURO In USD In RUB

For a company with 100 employees we may carefully HR-documentation in 3 days!

The final price of an HR-documentation audit depends on the number of employees in your company, the volume of documents and the period for which a personnel audit is required.

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An HR-department audit is intended to verify the completeness and accuracy of documentation, its legal expertise, and detect and eliminate violations. Timely error detection and correction allows the company to avoid unpleasant consequences such as penalties and legal fees for labor disputes.

When do we recommend an HR-documentation audit?

An HR audit can be conducted at any time, at regular intervals or at any point in time. But there are situations when a full examination of the documentation is very important:

  • dismissing a responsible specialist;
  • changing management;
  • reorganizing or merging companies;
  • reforming salary bands;
  • adapting to significant legislative changes;
  • defending an employee appeal to the Labor Inspectorate or the court;
  • anticipating inspections by the regulatory authorities;


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