Accounting and Bookkeeping in Russia

Accounting and bookkeeping are among our company’s main activities. We provide services to private companies, public companies, representative and branch offices in Russia for foreign companies, individual entrepreneurs, and non-profit foundations. Many of our clients are foreign companies which have a presence in Russia under different legal forms, such as a limited liability company registered in Russia with up to 100% foreign capital, commercial branches of foreign companies in Russia, or non-commercial representative offices of international companies in Russia. Our employees are familiar with accounting aspects in all types of business, from retail to the fuel and energy industry, and are fully responsible for accounting and bookkeeping completeness and accuracy.
Modern technologies help to efficiently managework regardless of the client’s location.

Our Services Including:

  • advice onchoosing the optimal accounting and tax method
  • developing internal accounting policies, tailoring the corporate chart of accounts to internal group standards
  • collecting primary documents
  • bookkeeping
  • inventory
  • preparing documents for auditors
  • drafting and submitting tax returns
  • drafting and submitting financial statements
  • consulting on all matters
  • training the CFO team on the particulars of Russian accounting standards and legislation
You choose the scope of services, depending on the tax regime, business sector, number of employees, branch network availability and other features of the company’s economic activities.
Find out what services fit your company

Please note that the cost of services is calculated individuallyfor each client. The final price is customized to your required functions.

Rates may be combined and complement each other. Please complete the application and we will provide you our best quote within a day.

We provide a free express-audit of the previous reporting period as part of the long-term contract for accounting services.

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Description of Service Rates


There are situations when, for various reasons, a company is in a "dormant" mode — no business activities are carried out. However, under Russian law a company still is obligated to submit tax returns, financial statements and other reports to governing agencies.

We offer a Dormant rate for such companies-drafting and submittingall reports prescribed by Russian law to the Tax office, the Pension Fund of Russia, the Social Insurance Fund of Russia, and the Statistical Office.

Chief Account ant rate

This rate will fit you if you already have a specialist who deals with all of the primary documentation, but they are not experienced enough to prepare a tax return, calculate taxes, or developreports. In this case, you can use our services specifically during the reporting period.

Accounting Department rate

In contrast to the previous rate, here we offer full bookkeeping support for your company. Our experts will enter all of your information intothe 1 °C system and prepare all the necessary reports.

Accounting Department + Primary Documentsrate

If you also require the drafting of primary documents for your clients (acts, VAT invoices, bills, statements, invoices), this rate was designedfor you.

Accounting Department + Bank rate

In addition to accounting, you can trust us with preparing payment orders for the bank, which our specialists preparebased on invoices and other documents within the specified time limit. Timely Internet banking systems completely preclude the possibility that we disposeof your funds. We can only generate payment orders and download statements, while you, in turn, will only authorize payments.

Turnkey Accounting rate

By choosing this rate, you get a team of professional, who will happily address all of your issues related to conducting your business, pick up all the primary documents, consult your counterparties, plan your taxes, and advise you on all matters related to the company’s finance, accounting and taxes.

Turnkey Accounting with export/import activity (International Economic Activity) rate

This rate encompasses all functions in the previous rate but for companies engaged in international business activities, including imports and exportsto the Eurasian Union.

Turnkey Accounting with export/import activity + Bankrate

This rate includes all of the functionsin the previous rate plus work with currency control for your bank.

Turnkey Accounting + CFO rate

We can provide you with additional financial statements for supporting daily management decisions -revenue forecasts, short-term and long-term budgets, cash flow statements, income and expense statementsfor costs centers, revenue breakdowns by product and service, and much more. We also prepare management reports in foreign languages, primarily in English and German, along with other languages.

Turnkey accounting with export/import activity + CFO rate

This rate encompasses all functions in the previous rate, but for companies engaged in internationalbusiness activities, including imports and exportsto the Eurasian Union.

Your Benefits

Tax, banking and other "paper" issues divert company’s time and resources from its most important goals — growth and business development. Outsourcing accounting services to specialized companiesis a worldwide practice. The convenience of this approach has been assessedby the majority of the foreign business community, from individual entrepreneurs to corporate executives in different countries. In Russia, these services are also becoming popular.


Per the agreement, the company is responsible for the timeliness, completeness and accuracy of document preparation and delivery, and the calculation of taxes and contributions.

The experience and expertise of accountants, highly familiar with the specifics of your industry, can help minimize your fiscal burden.

You do not need to have a staff of accountants, to rent additional space for them, to equip their workplaceor buy expensive software. Your expenses will only consist of payingfor our services, and all other costs are on us.
No risks

The professionalism of our employees guarantees you no financial losses due to errors in reporting and tax calculations, lost documentation, or information leakage. We value our reputation, so you can safely trust us.
Outsourcing Solutions provides comprehensive accounting for any legal form of company: LLC, Public Companies, Rep-offices, Branches, individual entrepreneurs (IE), small businesses and individuals.
We offer comprehensive, reliable and error-free accounting services for Russian and foreign companies in Russia.
We will protect your business from tax risks!

We work with clients from countries

Our advantages

Ranking of companies by HR records management in Russia 2021
Ranking of companies by payroll in Russia 2021
Ranking of outsourcing service providers in Russia 2021
Ranking of the largest consulting companies in Russia 2021


Ranking of companies by HR records management in Russia 2021
Ranking of companies by payroll in Russia 2021
Ranking of outsourcing service providers in Russia 2021
Ranking of the largest consulting companies in Russia 2021
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Our team

  • Tatiana Shkarupeta
    CEO, founder
  • Elena Smirnova
    CEO Deputy
  • Zhanna Shushmanova
    Head of HR-administration services division
  • Ivan Masley
    Head of Corporate Legal Services
  • Marina Milenkova
    Chief accountant-expert
  • Anna Volkova
    Chief accountant-expert
  • Elena Isaeva
    Head of payroll division
  • Olga Zalkina
    Chief Payroll Accountant-expert
  • Irina Bogreeva
    Chief Payroll Accountant-expert
  • Elena Merts
    Chief payrol accountant-expert
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    Senior Accountant-expert
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    Senior Accountant
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  • Irina Kirillova
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  • Natalia Armashova
    HR Specialist
  • Nadezhda Zametashkina
    Senior office manager
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