Bank account opening in Russia for a foreign company

The procedure of bank account opening in Russia for the foreign company consists of two main steps:

1st step — Registration of the foreign company, which intends to open bank account in Russia, in the tax office. There is a special type or registration for this purpose.

The following documents are required for this registration:

  1. Certificate about tax registration in country of incorporation of Foreign company, including information about tax registration number (or analog). If the company is not registered as a taxpayer, the official certificate/letter confirming it, issued by the government authority, is required.
  2. Memorandum of Association / Articles of Association
  3. Extract from the Trade Register of foreign legal entity’s country or any other document confirming registration, legal address, list of directors and shareholders of foreign legal entity according to the laws of the country where such foreign legal entity is located. Such other documents can be certificate of incumbency, certificate about shareholders, certificate about directors, certificate about the address.
  4. PoA for the person which is empowered by the foreign company to open and operate the bank account in Russia (if this person is not a director). If it is required we can provide a draft of this PoA
  5. PoA for our company, empowering us to represent your company before the tax office and the bank (we will provide the draft of this PoA)

Please note that all documents should be duly notarized and Apostilled.

Registration in the tax office usually take about 10 working days after delivering of all documents to us.

2nd step — Opening of the bank account.

Every bank has different requirements for the companies, which are going to open an account. Please let us know which bank do you prefer, so we will be able to get from them the information about their requirements.

Total cost of our services for both 2 steps is 1000 euro for one or several accounts in one bank. Please note that the following costs are paid additionally:

  • Translation services (7 euro for 1 standard page)
  • Notary services (according to the tariffs of notary offices in Moscow)
  • Fees of the bank for the account opening

Should you have any additional questions, we are always ready to assist!



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