Transfer pricing

Since 2012, in case of related-party transactions, Russian taxpayers are obliged to be guided by the principle of "arm's length". This term refers to the use for tax purposes of prices comparable to prices for independent contractors, ceteris paribus. Transfer pricing involves the development of appropriate policies in companies conducting controlled transactions.

The taxpayer is required not only to notify the Tax Authorities on transactions with related parties not later than 20th of May of the each year after reporting, but also to justify the price for each such transaction in the Transfer Pricing Documentation.

Transfer pricing services

Outsourcing Solutions renders services on transfer pricing in strict accordance with the norms of the tax legislation. Our experts will undertake the development of Transfer Pricing Documentation and notification to the Tax Authorities. We will help you to:
  • compile a list of related parties and individuals;
  • define a list of transactions to be monitored;
  • set the pricing method for the above transactions;
  • specify the data sources used in the pricing;
  • develop documents to justify the application of prices;
  • notify the Tax Authorities on controlled transactions during the reporting period.

Prices list

Coast of Transfer pricing

We will calculate the cost of services for your company in 1 hour!

* the final price depends on the number and nature of the transactions analyzed

** the final price depends on the volume of transactions and the quality of the source data (processing of information from paper will cost much more expensive than electronic format)

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Since not all versions of accounting software (e.g. SAP) support the function of generating notifications of controlled transactions, or notifications can be configured incorrectly, the company may face the problem of development of such notifications.

We draft notifications of controlled transactions on the basis of all sources of information — 1C 7.7, 1C 8.2 and 8.3 of any configuration, SAP, Excel, paper carriers.

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Ranking of companies by HR records management in Russia 2021
Ranking of companies by payroll in Russia 2021
Ranking of outsourcing service providers in Russia 2021
Ranking of the largest consulting companies in Russia 2021
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