Accounting and tax return restoration

Accounting restoration is a complex but necessary procedure for companies that have lost accounting data and primary documents. Missing papers, electronic data, errors and even a complete absence of accounting can occur in any company, regardless of its size, legal structure and ownership. As soon as you notice the «sins» of a resigned accountant, an accidentally damaged database or deliberate sabotage, call in the professionals as soon as convenient.

In which situations we can assist you?

According to the law, accounting should be continuously carried out from the date a company is registered throughout its entire existence. Not all companies pay due attention to this issue. Self-management of documents, engaging unskilled professionals, and accountant turnover are common practices in the business community. Even if your company is dormant, you still need to provide tax returns, financial statements and other documents to the authorities.

Basic accounting errors and how they threaten the company

The absence of documentation, registers

Article 120 of the Russian FederationTax Codeallows for fines from 10,000 to 40,000 rubles.

Delays in recording economic transactions

Article 120 Article 120 of the Russian Federation Tax Codeallows for fines from 10,000 to 40,000 rubles.

Failure to file tax returns and reports with the Tax Authorities

Article 119 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation allows for 5%-30% of the amount of taxes or contributions, but not less than 1,000 Rubles.

Crude errors in the accounting records

Article 15.11 of the Code of Administrative offense sets the administrative responsibility for an officer from 5,000 to 10,000 Rubles

Prices list

Restore accounting records and tax returns Starting from (per reporting quarter) 35000 RUB In EURO In USD In RUB
Our experience and professionalism will help you to successfully audit your accounting records without any mistakes.

The final price depends on the time period for which the accounts are to be restored, as well as the volume of records to be restored                   

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Our accounting restoration services

We offer two types of accounting restoration for legal entities:

  • partial-conducted for separate divisions of accounting (payroll, fixed assets, intangible assets, employee expenses, tax returns, etc.);
  • full — requires a thorough examination of all accounting and tax data for anappropriate period, restoration of all primary documentation and accounting records, tax return adjustments, reconciliation with the tax authorities and other agencies.

Accounting restoration consists of several stages:

1st stage
Analyze and systematize primary documents.

2nd stage
Verify documentation for legal compliance.

3rd stage
Determinetransaction chronology

4th stage
Identify and correct errors

5th stage
Restore accounting recordsand calculate taxes

6th stage
Restore accounting databases

7th stage
Draft adjustments to the tax returns and other reports

8th stage
Perform final reconciliation with authorities

Types of businesses we work with

Fuel and energy
Foodand agriculture
and IT






Investmentcompanies and stock exchanges
and mining
Retail trade





Pharmaceutical and healthcare
Media and publishing
Building and development
Do you want to get your accounts in order? The sooner you seek out our professionals, the lower the cost of your accounting restoration.


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