Liquidation of Companies in Moscow

Liquidation of companies is a legal procedure, on the basis of which the complete closing up of the company is exercised. Outsourcing Solutions offers services on liquidation of legal entities in Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia. We will help you to close the business in the shortest possible time and with the indispensable compliance with the Russian legislation.

A legal entity cannot just hang a sign «closed» and stop operating. The liquidation of the company should have the basis: decision of the founders, prescription of regulatory authorities, the urgency of the activities specified in the Charter.

Official voluntary liquidation includes:

  • exclusion from the register of legal entities;
  • cancellation of registration with the Tax Authorities;
  • notice of non-budgetary funds of the company’s closure (Social Insurance Fund, Pension Fund of Russia);
  • reconciliation with the debtors, creditors, including suppliers, customers, employees and shareholders.
To liquidate a company without qualified help of lawyers is practically impossible: the volume of the documents for closing requires a complete immersion in the paperwork. In addition, the procedure takes months and involves a sequence of actions that cannot be broken.

Our services for the liquidation of companies in Russia

As a rule, we provide turnkey services for the liquidation of legal entities. Theprice includes:

  • full legal support, including the development of all documents provided by the legislation
  • full personnel support (clearance of dismissal of employees in compliance with all necessary legal procedures in liquidation)
  • full accounting support (reconciliation with counterparties, participated in the field audit (if any), development of interim and final liquidation balance sheet, reconciliation with the IFTS and extra-budgetary funds)
  • liquidator’s services (in the absence of a liquidator of the Client)
  • closure of all bank accounts
  • consulting during all liquidation stages
  • archiving of personnel documents

Prices list

voluntary liquidation of LLC with Russian capital from 150000 RUB In EURO In USD In RUB
voluntary liquidation of JSC with Russian capital from 190000 RUB In EURO In USD In RUB
voluntary liquidation of the representative office or branch of a foreign company in Russia from 180000 RUB In EURO In USD In RUB
Liquidation of Companies in Russia

We have liquidated more than 120 legal entities!

*additionally state fees, notarization of documents, translation services are charged

With our support, the liquidation of legal entities in Russiawill be as painless as possible for you, and most importantly — in compliance with Russian legislation.

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The procedure of liquidation of the legal entity

The legislation of the Russian Federation establishes a clear procedure for liquidation of the legal entity:

The 1st stage
Document founder decision on closing.

The 2nd stage
Establish a liquidation commission or appoint a liquidator.

The 3rd stage
Notify the registration authorities.

The 4th stage
Post a message in the media about the start of the liquidation procedure for a wide range of people.

The 5th stage
Notify creditors in writing about liquidation.

The 6th stage
Reconcile with debtors and creditors.

The 7th stage
Conduct an inventory of the remaining property, make an interim liquidation balance sheet and the final liquidation balance.

The 8th stage
Exclusion from the register of legal entities.
Liquidation term for a legal entity
The liquidation procedure takes from 6to 18 months depending on the availability of debt before the budget, creditors, appointment of a field tax audit, etc. Companies that did not conduct any activities in the past 3 years could be closed within 6 — 8 months from the date of submitting documents to the state bodies.


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