Direct payments of benefits from the Social Insurance Fund

Since 2019, direct payments have been tested in different regions of Russia. This practice will be extended to the entire country starting with 2022.

But what are they? Let’s figure it out together.

In accordance with the Regulations on the assignment and payment of benefits by the Fund:

  • the calculation and payment of benefits to employees are made not by the employer anymore, but by the Social Insurance Fund. At their own expense, the employers pay for additional days off to care for a disabled child, the cost of taking measures to prevent injuries, and also pay a burial allowance. These amounts are further compensated by the territorial body of the Social Fund. The first three days of disability in case of the sick leave are also paid for by the employer;
  • insurance contributions are paid in the full amount they are accrued, without reducing the amount of expenses for the payment of benefits.


To ensure that the employee receives the allowance, the employer must get from employees the applications and documents necessary for the appointment and payment of benefits, and provide the information to the Social Insurance Fund.


The benefits, which can be provided by the Fund:

  • maternity and temporary disability allowance;
  • once-paid allowance for women who are registered in medical institutions in the early weeks of pregnancy;
  • monthly child care allowance;
  • allowance on temporary disability due to an industrial accident or occupational disease;
  • payment of additional leave for treatment.
To get the compensation for your expenses from the Social Insurance Fund, you need to submit documents to the Fund’s territorial body, depending on the type of costs.

The company can get compensation for:

  • the payment of additional days off for the disabled child’s care;
  • burial allowance.
Within five calendar days, the employer must submit the documents to the Fund. Information required for the assignment of benefits for temporary disability and maternity insurance should be provided in the form of an electronic register.
Forms of the documents necessary for appointment and payment of appropriate benefits, as well as the procedure for their completion, are approved by the Social Insurance Fund’s Order No. 579 dated 24.11.2017. Companies, where an average number of employees exceeds 25 people, submit all the documents in electronic form. If the company’s staff is smaller, you can submit a set of documents on paper.
If the employer has not provided all the information in the register or has not submitted all the documents necessary for the appointment and payment of benefits, the Fund sends a notification.

During five working days from the date of its receipt, the employer must submit the missing documents.

If the employer does not submit a package of documents for benefits on time or submits such a package of documents with errors, the Social Insurance Fund’s territorial body will demand to reimburse the costs of improperly paid benefits.

In addition, an official, who made a mistake, gets a fine of 300 to 500 rubles.

The term of payment of the sick leave or other social benefits by the Fund is ten calendar days from the date of documents' receipt.

Money is transferred to the employee’s bank account or through the Federal Postal Service organization or other organization at the employee’s request.