New responsibilities for companies with more than 25 employees

Since January 2022, amendments to the legislation1 have come into force, affecting organizations with a staff of more than 25 people. Such employers have a number of new responsibilities.

What is the essence of the changes?

Under the sauce of «promoting employment to the population», the employer was assigned a number of responsibilities.

First, the employer must post certain information on the portal «Work in Russia»

The portal «Work in Russia» is a federal digital system overseen by the Federal Service for Labor and Employment.

Placement of vacancies and resumes on this portal is free.

To work on this portal, the employer needs to register.

Secondly, the employer must notify the employment service of the results of the interview with applicants sent from the Employment Center (TSN).

Thirdly, the employer must comply with the quota in terms of hiring disabled people.

For whom are the requirements for the placement of vacancies mandatory?

New responsibilities for companies 25 employees

The requirement for mandatory placement of ads does not apply to all employers.

To post information on the portal «Work in Russia» are obliged (clause 3.2 of Article 25 of the Law «On Employment of the Population»):

  • companies and sole proprietors whose average number of employees for the year preceding the placement is more than 25 people;

That is, in 2022, employers with an average number of more than 25 people in 2021 should post information.


  • newly created companies, including through reorganization, or sole proprietors with an average number of employees of more than 25 people.

Regardless of the number of employees, the following are required to post information:

  • state authorities of the Russian Federation, as well as its subjects and local self-government bodies;
  • state and municipal institutions, as well as unitary enterprises;

We are talking about GOOps, mugs.

  • companies with a stake in the Russian Federation or its subject or municipality.

Moreover, the size of the share is not stipulated in the Law, so companies with 1% participation of the Russian Federation and its subjects must fulfill this obligation.

What information are employers required to post?

If the employer meets the above criteria, then from January 1, 2022, he must post information on the availability of vacancies and vacancies on the portal «Work in Russia» with a description of the conditions for attracting applicants, as well as jobs for the disabled (paragraph 3.1 of Article 25 of the Law «On Employment of the Population).

To do this, the employer needs to register on the portal and publish this information through his personal account.

How to take into account quotas for the admission of disabled people?

The accounting of quotas, i.e. mandatory jobs for which disabled people should be employed, is based on the Law of 24.11.1995 No. 181 «On social protection of disabled people».

For employers with a number of:

  • from 35 to 100 people, the quota is set no higher than 3% of the average number;
  • more than 100 people, the quota is 2-4% of the average number.

From March 1, 2022, employers are required to fulfill quotas for disabled persons established by the regional authorities (paragraph 1 of Article 25 of the Law "On Employment of the Population). The fulfillment of the quota means the conclusion of an employment contract with a disabled person.