Employers were given recommendations on the organization of remote work

On March 26, the Recommendations of the Russian Trilateral Commission for the Regulation of Social and Labour Relations on the organization of remote work and on determining the categories of employees who are temporarily transferred to remote work as a priority were approved.

In particular, recommendations are given on what should be included in local acts, collective agreements, and employment contracts to regulate remote work.

These documents should include:

  • the procedure for interaction between the employer and the employee;
  • the deadline for confirming the receipt of an electronic document;
  • forms of submission of applications by the employee to the employer;
  • working and rest hours;
  • conditions and procedure for calling a remote employee to the office;
  • procedure and amount of compensation for the employee’s use of his equipment and programs;
  • the procedure for familiarizing the remote employee with the requirements of labour protection.

Categories of employees who have a priority right to be transferred to temporary remote work are also given.

They are:

  • pregnant women;
  • working pensioners and employees with chronic diseases;
  • employees who care for the disabled;
  • disabled people.

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