Registration and payment of sick leave from 2022: new rules

New rules for registration of sick leave. From 2022, medical facilities will register sick leaves only electronically. Patient consent is not required for this. A paper sick leave certificate is issued only in exceptional cases. This applies only to employees whose information belongs to the state, which is under state protection (part 28 of article 13 of Federal Law No. 255-FZ).

The scheme of work with sick leaves in 2022 is as follows.

Initially, the employer will receive information about the opening of an electronic sick leave using an electronic document management system. In addition, information about the opening of an e-sick leave will go to the employee’s personal account on a single portal of Public Services. If the doctor extends, closes or cancels the sick leave, sends the employee for a medical and social examination, the fund will also inform the employer and employee about these events.

Together with the notification of the closure of the e-sick leave, the employer receives the information pre-filled by the Social Insurance Fund, which is necessary for the payment of benefits. If they are not enough, the Social Insurance Fund will send a request for the missing information. Within three working days, the employer needs to place the missing data in the Social Insurance Fund’s information system (paragraphs 22 and 23 of the Rules, approved by the Government Decree of 23.11.2021 No. 2010).

The Social Insurance Fund assigns and pays the benefit within ten working days. The Social Insurance Fund will transfer benefits to the bank account, which is indicated in the recipient’s application or in the personal account on the government Public Services website.