In 2024, excise duties on wine and champagne in Russia will triple

Vladimir Putin signed a decree amending the Tax Code of the Russian Federation; in particular, from May 1, 2024, excise taxes on wine and sparkling wines will increase.

In 2023 the excise tax on wine is 34 rubles for 1 l. But starting May 2024, exise duty will be increased to 108 rubles, and starting January 2025 — to 112 rubles, andfrom January 2026 — to 116 rubles.

The excise duty on sparkling wines, including Russian champagne, is now 45 rubles for 1 l. Starting May 2024, this rate will be 141 rubles, from January 2025 — 147 rubles, and from January 2026 — 153 rubles.

From January 1, 2024, Russia will also increase excise taxes on tobacco and tobacco products.