Three more special economic zones will appear in Russia

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed resolutions on the creation of three new special economic zones (SEZs) (in the Mordovia, Rostov, and Tver regions) and the expansion of two existing SEZs (in the Kaluga and Lipetsk regions).
Today, 50 SEZs are operating in Russia (31 industrial-production, seven technology-implementation, 10 tourist-recreational, and 2 ports)

A SEZ is a part of a region's territory where a preferential regime for business activities operates, and a free customs zone procedure can also be applied.

SEZs are created to develop the manufacturing and high-tech sectors of the economy, tourism, health resorts, port and transport infrastructure, technology development and commercialization, and the production of new types of products.

A business's location in a special economic zone offers several advantages: residents can enjoy tax benefits and customs preferences and also count on reduced rental payments.