The accreditation procedure for foreign branches and representative offices will change

The period of accreditation of foreign branches and representative offices has been reduced from twenty-five to fifteen working days from the date of documents' submission to the accreditation body. The exception is the representative offices of foreign legal entities working in civil aviation.

A procedure for suspending accreditation is also being introduced to eliminate technical errors in the submitted documents. This will reduce the number of denials of accreditation.

The list of grounds for issuing a decision on refusal of accreditation by the accreditation body has also been clarified. For example, it may be refused if a disqualified person is appointed as the head of a foreign branch or representative office, as well as if a branch or representative office is opened by a foreign company that has arrears in fines. The accreditation body has received the right to refuse accreditation to foreign branches and representative offices that do not fall under Federal Law No. 160-FZ dd 09.07.1999.

In addition, the grounds for refusal when making changes and terminating the accreditation of foreign branches and representative offices were regulated.