The new minimum wage in Russia from January 1, 2024

The President of Russia has determined what the new minimum wage in Russia will be from January 1, 2024. The federal minimum wage will immediately increase by 18.5%
The President signed Law No. 548-FZ of November 27, 2023, on the new minimum wage in Russia. The minimum wage will be 19,242 rubles starting January 1, 2024, which is 3,000 rubles more than the current minimum — 16,242 rubles.

Some regions of Russia have their minimum wage. For example, in Moscow, the minimum wage for 2024 was approved in the amount of 29,389 rubles (24,801 rubles in 2023). The minimum wage in Moscow has been approved starting January 1, 2024, by the Agreement between the Moscow Government, Moscow trade union associations, and Moscow employer associations.