Temporary procedure for operations with foreign currency in cash for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

From March 10 to September 10, 2022, organizations and individual entrepreneurs that are currency residents of the Russian Federation will be able to receive cash in USD, Japanese yen, Pounds sterling and Euros up to 5 thousand dollars, and only to pay for expenses on foreign business trips.

In special cases, at the request of the bank to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, this amount may be increased. Residents (organizations and individual entrepreneurs) can receive all other currencies in cash on the grounds provided for by law, without restrictions at the market rate on the day of issue.

Organizations and individual entrepreneurs that are non-residents, e.g. representative offices and branches of foreign companies in Russia, will not be able to receive cash in US dollars, Japanese yen, pounds sterling and Euros from March 10 to September 10, 2022. Non-residents will be able to receive other currencies from their accounts without restrictions at the market rate on the day of issue.

The remaining terms of deposits and accounts in US dollars, euros, pounds sterling and Japanese yen opened by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs as of March 10, 2022 remain unchanged.