Simplification of labor legislation for non-profit organizations

The Ministry of Economic Development prepared a new draft law and the Russian Government approved it.

It is planned that non-profit organizations will completely or partially refuse to adopt local regulations on labour relations. All the issues like remuneration, bonuses, the order of shifts, and others will be included in employment contracts.

Such standards can be used by non-profit organizations with an average number of employees up to 15 people and income for the previous calendar year up to 120 million rubles per year.

In addition, if the organization needs employees for short-term projects, it is proposed to provide them with the opportunity to conclude a fixed-term employment contract.

According to the creators of the bill, this will provide flexibility in attracting employees and will not cause negative consequences in the labour market. Non-profit organizations with an average number of up to 35 people will be able to apply it.