Conditions for applying preferential tariffs for small and medium-sized businesses of IT companies

IT companies can apply reduced rates for small and medium-sized businesses if they have lost the right to use preferential rates set for the IT sector. The Ministry of Finance stated it in a letter No. 03-15-06 / 100334 dated 18.11.2020.

For the Russian IT organizations, reduced rates of insurance contributions in the amount of 14% are currently established.

They are applied if such payers simultaneously meet the following conditions:

  • the company has got the state accreditation;
  • the amount of income from the IT business is not less than 90 percent of the total revenue;
  • the staff is at least 7 people.

According to article 427 of the Tax Code, if at least one condition is violated, the company loses the right to use the reduced rates from the beginning of the financial period and must recalculate the contributions.

Therefore, if an organization, operating in the field of information technology and recognized as a small or medium-sized business, failed to meet all these conditions, it is entitled to apply reduced rates of insurance contributions established by Federal law No.102-FZ in the amount of 15%.