The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia proposes to introduce a fixed advance payment for foreign workers in Russia

For foreign citizens who come to Russia to work, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia proposes to introduce a fixed advance payment.

According to the draft law, all foreign citizens will be able to get a job only on the basis of electronic patents. Such an electronic document must be available to both legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, as well as individuals.

Foreigners must pay personal income tax in the form of a fixed advance payment. In turn, employers have the right to attract foreign citizens, provided that they are included in the register of employers who attract foreign labour.

According to the draft law, employers who want to hire a migrant will have to create their personal accounts. This can be done on the unified portal of state and municipal services by filling out a special form.
After registration, the employer will fill out an electronic application for inclusion in the register of employers that attract foreign labour.

If the fixed advance payment is not paid, the person will be notified to pay the tax within 15 days. If the payment is not made, the foreigner will be banned from working in Russia and may be deported from the country.

In addition, the document proposes to reflect the conditions of employment of foreigners.

Thus, the bill proposes to specify the amount of wages that should correspond to the average level of earnings in the region for this category of employees. This is done in order to exclude unjustified understatement of earnings.