The Ministry of Digital Development plans to change the rules for accreditation of IT companies in Russia

The Ministry of Digital Development of Russia has prepared a draft resolution to simplify the process of confirming IT accreditation.
The project proposes to abolish the criterion for checking the share of income from IT activities for companies created less than three years ago. Also, if a company receives accreditation in the year of its establishment, it will be possible not to go through the planned confirmation procedure this year.

The number of quarters for checking wage levels is planned to be reduced. The verification process will cover two quarters instead of five.

Applications for the annual accreditation confirmation procedure are expected to be accepted only in electronic form through the State Services Portal.

All these changes are proposed to be adopted from May 1, 2024.

The law draft also proposes accreditation of companies with foreign founders only if the share of foreign persons in the company is no more than 50%. This change should come into force later than the others — from August 1, 2025.