For all exporters, concessions were introduced regarding the fulfillment of the obligation to sell 80% of foreign exchange earnings

From April 19, 2022, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation introduced relief in the performance of the obligation to sell 80% of foreign exchange earnings for exporters of the non-resource non-energy sector. They are allowed to sell foreign exchange earnings no later than 60 working days from the date of its transfer to transit foreign currency accounts in authorized banks (previously — no later than three working days).

Now, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation announced that this relief is valid for all exporters in relation to foreign currency credited starting from April 19, 2022 to their accounts in authorized banks. This decision was made in order to improve the ability of exporters to manage foreign exchange liquidity (Information from the Bank of Russia dated April 21, 2022).

The permit is valid until September 1, 2022, but in case of changes in the situation on the financial market, it can be adjusted.