Can a highly qualified foreign professional have multiple work permits?

Highly qualified specialists from different countries are welcome in Russia. Their skills, knowledge, and experience not only increase the efficiency and competitiveness of business they work for but also accelerate socio-economic development, the scientific, technical, and industrial potential of the national economy.

There is always a demand for highly qualified specialists in the labour market.

When the contract of a highly qualified specialist is coming to an end and new creative actions are no longer required, the employee can get an offer of exciting, creative work and a high salary from another employer.

But should a specialist postpone employment with a new employer and wait for the completion of the previous contract?

The current migration legislation allows highly qualified specialists, who have valid work permits, to have two or more such permits at the same time with different employers.

Each employer must submit the employment contract with a highly qualified specialist to the territorial body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, as well as notifications on the execution of obligations to pay salary in the amount established by current legislation.