From January 1, 2021, License on Paper Will Be Replaced by Digital Information

Federal laws N 478-FZ and N 492-FZ of 27.12.2019 introduced amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation related to the licensing of certain types of activities.

In connection with the adoption of the Federal Law No. 478-fz of 27.12.2019, licenses for certain types of activities will be issued in electronic form from January 1, 2021.

Licenses in paper form will not be issued. Information on the grant of a license will be entered in the register of licenses. At the same time, access to the register of licenses will be open and public, and interested parties will be able to obtain an extract from the register of licenses on paper or in the form of an electronic document.

Entries in the register of licenses made before the date of Federal Law entry into force shall be brought into compliance with this law until January 1, 2022. It is not required to renew the current license since information about it will already be contained in the registry.

Federal Law No. 492-FZ of 27.12.2019 stipulates that the regulation on the licensing of a particular type of activity may establish the types of work, services that make up the licensed type of activity, the performance of which is not provided at the address of the licensed type of activity indicated in the license, do not require renewal of the license.

Federal Law No. 492-FZ shall enter into force on March 28, 2020.

If you are not sure does your business activity in Russia requires a license, request our company, and we will check it!