The licenses will be extended automatically for another year

The government of the Russian Federation will automatically extend some licenses that expire in 2021 for another 12 months. The resolution has already been prepared.

In 2020 the validity period for more than 41 thousand licenses and more than a million other permits was extended in order to protect the health of people and reduce the cost of reissuing documents for companies.

The Ministry of Economic Development proposed to extend the validity of the following permits for 2021:

  • accreditation and certification of medical and pharmaceutical specialists;
  • accreditation of educational programs;
  • licenses for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages and for the provision of public catering services;
  • qualification certificates of appraisers;
  • conducting a special assessment of working conditions;
  • the results of training on labour protection and testing the knowledge of labour protection requirements for certain categories of employees;
  • accreditation in the national accreditation system;
  • conclusions of the state environmental expertise and others.