How to register company in Russia for one day?

The Federal Tax Service of Russia in the Information letter dated 05 April, 2022 announced that it is possible to register a company in Russia or become an individual entrepreneur in Russia in one working day.

The registration process is carried out through the State Online Business Registration service.

In one day, a limited liability company in Russia can be registered if:

  • a standard charter and a decision prepared in the online service on the creation of an LLC are used,
  • the sole founder is the head of the company being created.
  • Additional documents do not need to be attached.

To be registered as an individual entrepreneur, it is enough to send an application and a scan of the passport.
In both cases, the prepared documents must be signed with a qualified electronic signature, which can be obtained at any certification center from the list published on the website of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development.

The decision to register or refuse registration will be sent to the applicant by e-mail, and this information will also be on the service page when entering the profile.