The Central Bank has published a blacklist of companies with signs of illegal activity

This list of companies is available on the regulator’s website. In total, there are more than 1.8 thousand organisations.

«Interactive Brokers» was one of the most popular foreign brokers in Russia.

Russian financial market participants worked with IB under a sub-broker scheme, which assumed that a Russian broker acted as an intermediary between a client and a foreign broker. That is, accepted orders and passed them on to the main broker. The client of the company, in turn, got access to a more extensive set of tools but paid higher commissions.

The regulator has published a list of organisations with signs of a «financial pyramid» to reduce the risks of involving citizens and organisations in illegal activities.

To prevent illegal financial activities, the Central Bank takes measures to block the websites of such companies, interacts with law enforcement and other authorized bodies, as well as with foreign regulators to apply other measures.

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