For companies and individuals, restrictions on foreign currency cash withdrawals have been extended for another six months

Restrictions related to the withdrawal and purchase of foreign currency have been extended for legal entities and individuals until September 9, 2024.
The Bank of Russia reported on March 7, 2024, that restrictions on withdrawing foreign cash currency to individuals and entities will be valid for another six months. This means that until September 9, 2024:

-legal entities — residents of Russia can receive cash for travel expenses in US dollars or an equivalent amount in Euro, Pounds, or Japanese yen based on payment limits established by law. There are no restrictions on other currencies;

- legal entities — non-residents of Russia can’t receive cash in US dollars, Euros, pounds, and Japanese yen. There are no restrictions on other currencies;

— If a bank account or deposit account was opened before March 9, 2022, an individual still has the right to withdraw the remaining funds, but not more than 10 thousand US dollars from it. Still, it is possible to withdraw funds from a currency account in Rubles.