An internship will be included into the Labour Code

The Labour Code will be supplemented with Article 60.3 "Internship". The Ministry of Labour is currently preparing the relevant bill.

The internship is the labour activity of employees who enter the job for the first time after graduating from an educational organization in order to acquire practical work skills in the profession for a certain period under the guidance of an experienced employee.

It is proposed to conclude a fixed-term employment contract for the duration of the internship.

The Federation of Independent Trade Unions noted that the introduction of such an article combines two different legal status:

  • an employee who has concluded a fixed-term employment contract to perform work directly related to additional professional education in the form of an internship (article 59 of the Labour Code);
  • an employee who has received education according to state-accredited educational programs and has first entered work in the received profession within one year from the date of receiving professional education of the appropriate level (article 70 of the Labour Code).

The Federation of Independent Trade Unions believes that the initiative actually involves a probationary period for graduates who get a job for the first time. However, article 70 of the Labour Code prohibits testing for this category of employees.