New amendments to the Labour Code

Several projects with amendments to the Labour Code were submitted to the State Duma.

A new section XII will appear: Mandatory requirements in the workplace. Here you will find the requirements for employment, dismissal, the procedure for remuneration, and general requirements of labour legislation.

Another project concerns compensation for moral damage caused by the violation of labour rights. The draft also proposes to set deadlines for applying to the court on this issue.

In addition, for the purposes of personnel accounting, non-profit organizations want to equate to small businesses. Thus, non-profit organizations will be able to enter into fixed-term employment contracts.

Recently, the State Duma has introduced a bill with amendments to the Labour Code, allowing parents of first-graders to take leave without pay on September 1.

A number of changes have already occurred. Since August 13, a new procedure for settlements with employees in case of liquidation and reduction of staff has been in effect. There are more payouts now. It is allowed to pay either a monthly allowance or a one-time compensation (this will speed up the liquidation process since it is impossible to terminate the organization until the full settlement with employees).

They also want to expand the Labour Code significantly in terms of remote work.