The rules for online meetings of shareholders will be clarified

In particular, the experts ask to give permanent access to information at the meeting to those shareholders who are not present in person. Now there is no such norm in the law.

If you participate in the meeting remotely, you will need to comply with two conditions:

  • reliable authentication of participants;
  • the opportunity to participate in the discussion and vote.

Now such changes are being prepared for the law on joint-stock companies. The draft law has already been submitted to the government.

The project allows holding meetings online if the charter of the JSC allows it. The company will have to provide for the possibility of voting by filling out an electronic form on the website.

Starting from 2024, shareholders will receive documents by e-mail if they provide their address to the registrar as it is established by law. However, the company may also write down another way of sending these documents in the charter.