The rules for the arrival of foreign citizens have been changed.

Those who arrived in the Russian Federation to work, as well as foreign citizens staying for more than 90 days (including accompanying family members, students), starting from 29 December 2021, will need to pass within 30 calendar days from the entry date into the Russian Federation:

  • medical examination to confirm the absence of dangerous infections and drug addiction (repeated examination – within 30 calendar days after the end of the validity period of the documents of the previous examination and only in authorized medical organizations);
  • fingerprinting and photo registration (once, after a medical examination).

Fingerprinting and photo registration procedures are carried out for foreign employees when applying for a patent or when obtaining a work permit. Other foreign citizens must apply to the territorial Department of Internal Affairs or an authorized organization.

These requirements for passing the procedures will not apply to:
  • citizens of the Republic of Belarus;
  • foreign citizens who have not reached the age of six years.