People in five more regions of Russia can start using the special tax regime in September

Individuals in three regions of the Russian Federation (Chechnya, Karachay-Cherkessia, and the Trans-Baikal territory) can become self-employed from September 1 and start using the special tax regime «tax on professional income». From September 5, the experiment starts operating in the Tambov region, and from September 6 — in the Republic of Mari El.

The Federal Tax Service of Russia reminds that in order to take advantage of the preferential tax regime and pay tax at the rate of 4% (when working with individuals) and 6% (when working with legal entities and entrepreneurs), the self-employed need to download the mobile application «My tax» and register in it. You do not need to visit the tax office.

When registering, the self-employed receives a tax bonus of 10 thousand rubles. You can use it for partial tax repayment.

This year, in order to help the self-employed who lost their income because of the coronavirus pandemic, an additional bonus of 12,130 rubles is also provided. The tax accrued for 2020 will be fully deducted from this amount until the end of the year or until the bonus is spent.

Currently, there are already 1 million citizens registered as self-employed in Russia, and this figure is constantly growing. The growth rate for the year increased almost three times. If last year 1.3 thousand people were registered daily, this year 3.5 thousand people join this special regime every day.