5 approaches to managing your business remotely

The number of companies working remotely, or combining remote and regular operations, is showing a definite increase. Transition to remote operations requires solving some organizational puzzles, along with having to deal with the stress your employees may have. Here, we are going to explain how you can help your team around working remotely without the unnecessary psychological issues, financial cost, and waste of time.

Electronic document flow

When you are organizing your office workers to work from home, sooner or later you will encounter a situation where your worker decides to move someplace else, at least temporarily. This is absolutely legal, since the employer cannot control the location of its employees unless such relocation interferes with the work process.

This is why it is important to organize a swift electronic paper flow system. Even if your employees do not have to sign documents, task other workers, or issue formal demands daily as part of their routine, there may be situations requiring an employee to do so. These may be different types of notifying management, signing supplemental agreements to a labor contract, etc.

Only recently, the major part of correspondence was being posted or sent by a courier, along with the associated risk of document loss, while taking a considerable time. Today, you can avoid these drawbacks by organizing an effective electronic document management system.
Such solutions enable informing the personnel of changes in the corporate rules, vacation schedule, and notifying the staff of all the corporate events, news etc. On the other hand, an employee can at any time request a reference or a confirmation for any purpose.

The service we are offering automates answering the most popular questions posed to the personnel, including generation of the necessary references and statements. HR officers can use the system to familiarize new staff with internal documents and collect their signatures. This is an instrument you can use to administer documents and access them online from anywhere in the world.

Next generation task managers

One of the main concerns in remote operations is loss of control over business processes. It is harder to track all the chains of processes and set task statuses remotely. Physical presence of employees in one room benefits networking, while cooperation is coordinated spontaneously on many occasions. Remote operations decrease your networking options, offering electronic planning instruments to compensate.

Task managers will store all correspondence, since all the files will be stored in the cloud, while the employees will receive a reminder about the term of completion, with the lead tracking operations of its subordinates in real time.

Popular planning managers do not account for the new demands of remote working. The associated common drawbacks are, generally, as follows:
  • They are not used company-wide
    Very often such planning managers are not capable of solving the tasks on company scale as a whole. Each of the teams may use its own task manager which ideally fits their specific line of work. This complicates interaction with other departments within the company.
  • They hardly synchronise with other software programmes and applications
    Such planning managers very rarely offer the ability to sync with other software applications.

MyBPO portal functions as an integrated business operations ecosystem. It can be used to set tasks, take part in discussions, and exchange files. This service has proven to be so easy to use that we have decided to provide access to it to our clients so they can connect to it and solve all their problems in a single approach.

Empathy as most important skill of each leader

Remote workers have more problems related to their time management. Being overwhelmed with a great number of routines, or a tough schedule in very large projects can lead to losing track of time, or miss a call, or skip a planned meeting. People who work remotely often ignore the end of the working day, tend to contact other colleagues outside the working time, and get weared out. This leads to the risk of burning out and draws down quality.
Despite all the goal setting, the lead must not forget that every employee is a human being, with all the associated needs and problems to solve. Sometimes it is easier to move the deadline so that your employees have some recreation time and retain resourcefulness. It is completely necessary to show empathy and follow schedules and volume of work performed. Emotional burning out may cause your employees to fail at their tasks, make critical errors, or quit at an important moment.

An integrated instrument instead of messengers and emails

It is necessary to build a communication strategy in a fashion coordinated with company internal communication models while also taking into account the contact with the outside audience.

Very often companies use the most popular communication channels, such as phone, a group in one of the messengers, conference rooms, or email. In order to have good corporate communications, each one of the employees has to consider a great number of factors:
  • The communication channels
    All communication channels for one employee to contact another employee in a different department must be known (such as corporate phone, email, or a video communication service).
  • The communication algorithms
    It is necessary that an established communication order is known, assembly schedules, a list of messengers used, the order of task setting, results evaluation principles, etc.
  • The tools
    Ways to communicate with an outside environment (which includes clients, suppliers, and contractors) set out in accordance with the safety rules.
Very often, for various purposes, different communication channels are used. The employees are using one messenger, while they may use the phone for talking to clients, and process claims using the email. This causes some degree of confusion within processes, documents get lost, and increases the time it takes to respond to incoming messages.

We are offering an integrated solution enabling all of the process agents to communicate using just one app.

Coworking solutions

Very often, several employees are working on one and the same project. There are many tools to accommodate the necessity of working online together, both the standard google ones, as well as those narrow-focused, used to help in a specific task. Along with the popular Microsoft software, creative groups can use very different online panels for brainstorming, or collective decision-making.
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