How to employ a foreign citizen in Russia?

There are more and more situations in Russia when you need to employ foreign citizens. Today we will answer the question «HOW?»

First of all, you have got three options for hiring:

  1. By quota
  2. Above quota
  3. Highly Qualified Specialist

1.By quota

To apply foreigners for a job, you need to get a quota from the State. Quotas allow the government to limit the number of migrants from other countries for employment and temporary residence. Quotas are issued by the Employment Center, the Ministry of Health and Social Development, and the Federal Migration Service.

  • Salary: not less than the average salary in the region but not more than 2 million roubles per year
  • Position: any
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Result: not predictable, as you can get the refusal even if you provided all the documents
  • How many: 104 993 people in  2 020 (the number of quotas is established by the Ministry of Labour annually)

To get a quota, you need to collect the following documents:

  1. Application for quota
  2. Warranty letter
  3. Certificate of State Registration
  4. Certificate of tax registration and assignment of TIN
  5. Extract from the register
  6. Lease contract
The time of processing the application is 30 days. If, after that, you are refused a quota, you can re-apply, but the probability of a positive outcome will be small. In this way, it is better to consider employing a foreigner to an above quota position or as a highly qualified specialist.

Categories of foreigners who can work without quotas:

  • foreign citizens with a temporary residence permit and a residence permit
  • people with refugee status
  • people participating in the state resettlement program
  • highly qualified specialist
  • employees of foreign companies engaged in repairs of equipment supplied to Russia, warranty, service, and installation work.

2.Above quota

Annually, the Ministry of Labour approves the list of professions for which foreign citizens can be employed above quota. They are mainly engineering specialists, managers, and cultural workers.

  • Salary: less than 2 million roubles per year
  • Position: from the list
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Result: usually positive
  • How many: not stated

3.Highly Qualified Specialist (HQS)

To start the employment contract with a highly qualified specialist who came from a country that has a visa regime with Russia, the employer should obtain a permit to attract foreign workers. At the same time, the employer will be required to submit a number of documents necessary for issuing such a permit.

When applying for employment, employer must present an additional health insurance policy. Or the employer must sign a contract to provide paid medical services to such an employee.

  • Salary: more than 2 million roubles per year
  • Position: any
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Result: usually positive
  • How many: not stated
Hiring foreign citizens in Russia is quite troublesome. And it is more reliable to entrust this to specialists. Our experts will always advise you on current laws in this area, taxation and personnel accounting, and will help you submit a set of documents.